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Our content is created by a team of professionals coming from various part of the world and representing more than 50 different nursing specialties.

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We aim at being the premier destination for the nursing community hence our contributors are dedicated to supporting the profession by providing relevant content to share with the target group globally.

NurseApex.com work to empower, unite, and advance every nurse, student, and educator.


NursingApex.com is passionate about helping nurses at all levels of their career globally. We have experienced professional nursing experts who contribute to the nursing community with their passion.

Magrinah is a Registered nurse working in a clinic. She has already completed a direct MSN entry Program.
Elizabeth is a bachelor’s degree holder, she started her career as an LPN, then ADN and finally BSN
She has extensive experience in critical care nursing and women’s health. She is a certified nurse-midwife.


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    These courses are a much-needed refresher. They offer a point of view from different clinicians from various territorial and clinical viewpoints. Moreover, these courses stimulate medical attendants to learn and grow new information.

    • Shonda S. Padilla
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    The courses extend my insight and get me refreshed in the nursing field and are flexible I can finish them in my day by day way of life. Because of the variety of choices, NurseApex.com is dependably a decent source of information.

    • Fannie B. Riley
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    The courses on NurseApex.Com offer simple to get to and simple to use data that is a magnificent resource for growing one's information base and profession potential. I value that the data is given in an expert and clear way and is bolstered by current research and proof.

    • Sylvia Z. Zawacki
    • RN Nurse
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    I appreciate Nurse.com’s continuing education for the easy availability of trending information and current topics in the healthcare world. The courses that are offered, even the free ones, are pertinent and presented by leaders in their fields addressing topics affecting large patient populations. They provide up-to-date information to help busy professionals stay in touch with the most current teaching available, free or at a very reasonable cost. Thank you Nurse.com!"

    • Antonio A. Crosley
    • PhD Nursing Student
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    Wow, I just took the best online continuing education course with NurseApex.Com.The CE course offered comprehensive, blended self-study modules and questions with reliable live webinars. I received the desired attention and got answers to my questions in good time.

    • Selina Stuart
    • DNP Student
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    At first, I was reluctant to take an online course but after learning about NurseApex.Com, I took a nursing course and it was very informative & I would gladly recommend it to my co-workers and any other interested person.

    • Sandy M.
    • Nursing Student

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