This year’s pay hike was just a fraction of the average for full-time nurses, and most hospitals will have to figure out how to keep their existing staff while paying newcomers more. Many health systems are considering temporary positions like travel contracts, but others are still spending heavily on travelers, even though they can’t compete with the rising cost of their own nursing staff. However, some health systems are facing regulatory investigations, and the average pay bump for full-time nurses was only marginally higher than usual.

Demand for NICU nurses

While salaries for neonatal nurses are expected to remain stagnant for the next few years, there are ways to increase your salary in the near future. The BLS projects that RN employment will increase by 7% from 2019 to 2029. If you’re an experienced NICU nurse, you may consider pursuing leadership roles to increase your salary potential. In addition to pursuing a leadership position, you can also move to higher-paying work settings.

Employers should emphasize the benefits of working in a hospital. They should highlight the availability of support staff, advanced medical equipment, and continuing education. They can also promote self-care among nurses. By promoting self-care, they can recruit quality nurses and ensure a steady flow of candidates. To attract nurses, you should advertise in medical journals and sponsor continuing education programs. In addition, employers should also offer comprehensive compensation packages, including tuition reimbursement, loan repayment programs, and more.

Cost of hiring and supporting a large nursing staff

Many hospitals are experiencing a shortage of nurses. The cost of keeping a large staff is prohibitively expensive, with salaries making up 50 percent of the total budget. In addition to this, an increase in nursing salaries would eat into the health system’s operating margin and make it difficult for hospitals to make necessary investments. In addition, a nursing shortage is exacerbated by violence in the healthcare setting. This adds to the stress of the job, affecting nurses’ overall satisfaction and work effort. The population in which psychiatric nurses work also places them at higher risk for violence.

One example of this is the Goodall-Witcher Healthcare hospital in Texas, which has 25 beds. The clinic can’t recruit enough nurses to fill their positions, but they can hire international nurses for several hundred thousand dollars. In return, nurses are given signing bonuses of up to $15,000 or more, and move to Waco, Texas, for work. They’ll make several times the standard pay rate.

Need for bilingual nurses

Despite the growing demand for health care workers, the need for bilingual nurses is only increasing. This is partly due to the growing patient population. In addition to ensuring that patients are comfortable with their treatment plan, they can also translate their instructions to ensure that everyone understands them. Furthermore, having nurses who can speak Spanish can cut down on the risk of misinformation and errors that can affect patient care. As a result, bilingual nurses are vital for the future of healthcare.

Among the languages in demand, Spanish speakers will be in highest demand. It is the second most commonly spoken language in the US, after English. Depending on the region, however, other languages may be in high demand. In Dearborn, Michigan, Arabic speakers will be needed, while Russian speakers may be in demand in some parts of New York City. This is all based on the demographics of the area. By 2022, the need for bilingual nurses will continue to grow, as will the salaries.

Need for travel nurses

The need for travel nurses continues to increase with an increased number of patients who require medical care and aging populations. According to ZipRecruiter, there was a 15% increase in average monthly postings in January. According to the organization’s lead economist, Sinem Buber, the need for travel nurses will continue to grow as the population continues to age and the backlog of elective procedures in hospitals returns. Travel nurses are needed in both low and high census locations.

In the United States alone, there are still a number of open nursing positions throughout the country. With the ongoing nurse shortage, healthcare organizations find it difficult to staff their facilities, particularly in high-need areas. Travel nurses can fill these gaps while other RNs take leave. While this is an ideal situation for the traveling nurse, it’s not necessary to work in different states to find work as a travel nurse.