A BON investigator in the enforcement division collected evidence that supports the BON’s formal charges against a nurse regarding violations of the NPA and board rules. Attempts to notify the nurse via standard and certified mail at the nurse’s last address of record have been returned to the BON office as being “undeliverable or not at this address.” Since the investigator has been unable to communicate with the nurse about the BON’s formal charges, Board Rule 213.16(i) on Practice and Procedure requires that : the case proceed and the board’s charges be deemed to be true.
A nurse quits his job, and submits a written notice at the end of his shift, telling his supervisor that he will not be back at work the following morning. The supervisor tells the nurse he has to complete the entire month’s schedule or he will be committing “patient abandonment,” and will be reported to the BON. This is:
A nurse assesses a patient, makes a medical diagnosis of “hypertension,” and determines which specific anti-hypertensive medication (including dose, route, and frequency) is appropriate for this patient. The nurse then writes a prescription for an anti-hypertensive medication and instructs the patient to have it filled at a pharmacy of her choice. : the nurse must be authorized by the BON as an advanced practice registered nurse with prescriptive authority in a role and population focus appropriate for the patients being treated
Chart audits find the following practice errors committed by a nurse with observed impaired behavior at work: NO physician orders for narcotics signed out by the nurse, and NO documentation that the nurse either administered or wasted the narcotics. The best decision for the Incident Based Peer Review Committee to make is that
A nurse injects a medication by IV (intravenous) Push instead of IM (intramuscular) as ordered by the physician. The patient goes into cardiac arrest and dies as a result of this medication error. The nurse has worked at the facility for 15 years and this is his first error. A correct determination by the Peer Review Committee would be that: the error is subject to reporting because it contributed to the death of a patient