Temporary Permit
-GN permit expires in 75 days
-When pass/fail NCLEX
Renew Online
-60 days prior to expiration BON will send cardContinuing Education
-20 hours in 2 years
-Fist time renewal exempt
-CE hours in area of practice
-Keep records for 4 years

Initial Licensure by Examination

Must report any past criminal behavior or pending charges

-Minor class C misdemeaners excluded
(parking tickets, speeding tickets, jaywalking)

Five Categories of Trust by BON

Separate from BON review
(incident based or Safe harbor)
-Rule 217.19-PR and Whistleblower
-Rule 217.20-SH PR and Whistle blower protections

Incident Based Peer Review

A nurse involved in a MI does not need to reported to BOn unless…
-Creates sig. risk fo physical, emotinal, financial harm
-Lacks a consiencious approach for accontability
-Lacks knowl. and compet. and not easily remediat
-Pattern of multiple minor incidents
-5 minor incidents in a 12 month period must bereported to peer review

Allows a nurse to accept an assignment and provide best care without fear of licensure action if there is a practice error.

-Does not protect civil rights
-Before refusing assignment must recog. pt is 1st

May refuse an assignemt if lack basic knowlege/ability to render care

Safe Harbor

Must be invoked BEFORE care given
Or anytime assignment has changed and pt may be in harm
-Must notify in writing
-Supervisor can’t refuse
-May use quick req form to make initial req.
-Comprehensive request must be completed before leaving work setting

Quick Request Form

Making you work extra shifts, you have the right to refuse.

NOT when
-Emergency diasasters
-Ongoing procedure requires nurses presence
-Certain emergencies

Take Mandatory Overtime Concerns to

Unprofessional Conduct

-Work under direct/indirect supervis.
Work environment
-stable environment not home health
-Losing license is not uncommon

Nurse must be licensed in state in which he/she permanently resides

-if you move you have 30 days to change your license over.

Party State License