There are many different types of nursing careers, and each requires its own specific education and training. Nurses provide a variety of services to patients. The level of care they provide is dependent on their education and training. In general, there are four major fields of nursing. These are: emergency nursing, in-patient and out-patient care, community health, and geriatric nursing. Each field also has different job descriptions.

Each nursing field has its own set of specialties and job requirements. Depending on the course, applicants must choose from one or more of the four fields. Choosing one of these specialties allows students to gain more experience and knowledge in practice. There are many benefits to choosing a nursing career, and they can be rewarding and fulfilling. The 4 fields of nursing are described below. These specialties are the most popular and in demand in the United States.

Non-degree nurse. This type of nurse doesn’t have a degree, but has experience in practice. Licensed practical nurses are another category, and they complete educational programs without a degree. Advanced-degree nurses are those who have completed an advanced degree. In addition, they have experience working with different patient populations. These four nursing specialties are vital for nurses to become the best they can be. You can get started in one of these specialties as soon as you graduate.

Registered nurse. This type of nursing career is the most advanced and well-rounded. It is the most common and versatile. They can work in the emergency department, general practice, and even the camp environment. Adults can work in any of these fields, including acute care and emergency rooms. Children’s healthcare is similar to adult care, but their rapid deterioration and the needs of the entire family complicate their jobs.

Specialty nursing. The profession has a wide range of opportunities. For example, a pain management nurse will work with physicians to determine the source of pain. A pediatric nurse will work with children from infancy through adolescence. A telephone triage nurse will speak with patients to assess their problems and refer them to appropriate specialists. While each field of nursing is unique, there are common elements of each.

Licensed practical nurse. This type of nursing is the least expensive option. You can earn a certificate by completing an eight-week program or a year-long degree. In general, a registered nurse is the most experienced and skilled. A registered nurse is a specialist, while a certified aide is a licensed aide. However, a Licensed Practical Nurse is also a qualified professional.