[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Assessing and Treating Individuals with Alzheimer Disorders


Alzheimer disorder is a continuous neurodegenerative disorder with a high statistical growth in the modern world. Research shows that the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disorder dementia is estimated to triple by the year 2050. The rise in Alzheimer’s Disorder prevalence has heightened the importance of more research on Alzheimer’s Disorder treatment. Past information and data have revealed that ancient medicine can be a source of motivation and inspiration to acquire new therapies (Maruish, 2012). There is a type of dementia in ancient Iranian medicine with similar signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disorder. Iranian ancient medicine explains the causes of disorders by recognized Greek concept, the humorist. In this concept, all human organs have a health temperament that has four essential qualities such as coldness, hotness, wetness and dryness. When the equilibrium  [pms-restrict subscription_plans=”6590,6643,6641″]