Second Degree BSN

Maybe you have a degree, but you do not like the career it leads to and nursing is still a favorite choice. The good thing is that you can get a nursing bachelor’s degree without spending another four years on campus. The second degree BSN is their best option as it is tailored for older students who have much motivation that the younger entry-level students. 

An accelerated BSN program is the fast track to earning a BSN degree. Graduates for this program can become registered nurses if they pass a licensure examination such as the NCLEX exam.    Unlike the RN-BSN program for licensed nurses who to further their degree from ADN, an accelerated BSN program is pre-licensure. It is customized for students who do not have an RN license. The applicants must already be a bachelor’s degree in another unrelated field to nursing. It is through an accelerated BSN for them to earn a BDN and change their career paths.  

A second degree BSN requires more credit from the students per quarter than at the traditional program.  Students learn throughout the year.  Some programs may require students to achieve a higher test score for entrance into a program. Anyone applying for an accelerated program should know that it has much workload. It requires a limited commitment to employment workload to allow a concentration on the curriculum. 

The most important thing to understand before enrolling for an accelerated BSN degree program is that it is for the ambitious and seriously devoted. Students should be individuals who have a clear fact on the goals they want to achieve and are willing to put in much effort to achieve.

Steps through Second Degree BSN

One of the most critical pieces of information to note when searching for second-degree programs is the list of prerequisites for each program.  Since the applicants have another degree, they will not study the liberal arts that a traditional BSN program of four years has in its curriculum. 

Most of the programs have these similar prerequisites 

  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • Biology
  • Chemistry  
  • Developmental psychology  
  • Statistics

Many nursing schools require students to have a GPA score of 3.0 or higher. Due to various considerations, students can get admission will lower the score, but it is better to meet the required score from the beginning. A personal statement and professional references are part of the package.  An interview is also likely to take place.   Those interested in a second degree BSN program must take a TEAS test. It is a pre-admittance examination for gauging potential to manage a nursing program.

Training requirements of Second Degree BSN

Students without prior experience can complete an accelerated BSN program in four years at maximum though some take time short as at 33 months.  Those who have a degree and already in a career can earn the BSN in an even shorter moment of up to 18 months. This program is of high intensity, and many prefer to take it full time because of the demanding workload.   If the admission board accepts your application, expect to take various rigorous courses. Their purpose is to provide hands-on experience that is valuable in nursing. 

These are some of the courses for second degree BSN. 

  • Simulation 
  • Labs 
  • Clinical 

After completing a program taking an NCLEX-RN exam is mandatory. You will become a registered nurse upon attaining a passing score to start a career in nursing. 

 It is not feasible to be in a full-time career when studying in an accelerated BSN program because of the intensity and number of credits they should obtain. It is advisable to back away from working in another career until you get second degree BSN. After all, you desire to become a nurse a so concentrating on the accelerated degree will enable you to get the most of this program. 

Successful students in the second degree BSN program should have much self-discipline because the curriculum is exceptionally challenging.   You must be very organized and motivates to get a passing grade for your units. You should also be excellent in taking instructions, collaborating with fellow students and faculty.  Students who possess the above qualities do not find it difficult to thrive in the program.  

Another reason for creating much time as possible for an accelerated degree program is that you must complete classes within 5 after application. 

Second Degree BSN Online Lessons

 The popularity of studying online has been increasing, and even nursing schools have noticed. Many have implemented online accelerated nursing programs to make the students have more flexibility in scheduling. It is essential to note that the online programs area hybrid model of the traditional and modern of the way of learning. The programs are beyond reading lecture notes. 

Learners can access theory classes online but must appear in person for lab work and clinical experiences. Some nursing schools replace lab with interactive simulations. They present situations that nurses will encounter when they start practicing.  Students who study online complete their clinical rotations in the surrounding community healthcare facilities.  The provision is helpful when enrolling at a nursing school that is not nearby because it saves commuting costs and time. 

The flexible components of online programs give student more freedom. There is freedom to study at any time since they do not attend on-campus classrooms.   The program is well structures but has strict due dates to submit assignment and complete units. 

Career Outlook after Second Degree BSN

There are unfortunate misconceptions about second-degree nursing. The uninitiated think that the program is too easy because it takes a shorter time. Another claim is that students gain lesser skills and expertise than those who study in the traditional program. The sentiments should not discourage anyone. The outcomes for second degree BSN are promising as some employers prefer these graduates because of skill and maturity. It is an advantage to those who had a career life before because employers believe that somebody with more experience is more suited to find a solution to situations. 

The need for BSN-educated nurses is increasing everywhere.  It is the right time to pursue BSN as a second degree when the demand for nurses with this level of education is still high. The life experience and knowledge you possess after earning the first degree and may be working in another area excites the recruiters.


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