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Similarly, as with any huge network, we ask that everybody follow our TOS (Terms of Service) which are a set of rules and principles. These Terms of Service are your concurrences with us and by turning into a member in NurseApex.Com and the online network, you consent to them and to maintain them similarly as though you had consented to a paper agreement with us.

The Basic Terms of Service

  • You agree NOT to post anything you wish to remain private on NurseApex.Com
  • You agree NOT to post false, defamatory, name-calling, obscene, or threatening messages.
  • You agree NOT to use profanity.
  • You agree NOT to give out personal information about others.
  • You agree NOT to post advertising or solicitations.
  • You agree NOT to post any copyrighted material.
  • You agree NOT to post for marketing or commercial research.
  • You agree NOT to use titles that you have not earned. (RN, Dr, LPN, LVN, Nurse, etc.)
  • You agree NOT to spam NurseApex.Com.
  • You agree NOT to post in any other language except English.
  • You agree NOT to argue publicly about policies or moderating decisions.
  • You agree NOT to hold multiple accounts.
  • You agree NOT to seek or offer medical or legal advice.
  • You acknowledge that you are 15 years of age or older, and, if under the age of 18, are using this site under the supervision of a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to visit or otherwise use our site.


Social Media Sharing

NurseApex.Com is an open site and is indexed by Google and other Search Engines every day. In the event that there is something you are worried about being open information, try not to post it on NurseApex.Com or anyplace on the web.

We at times share posts from NurseApex.Com on our Facebook page(s). No personal pages are shared. What we share is freely accessible on NurseApex.Com. We share the link to the page, any picture found on the page, and brief context from the page.

Posting Information:

In spite of the fact that the Constitution of the US ensures that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech”, NurseApex.Com, isn’t Congress. The right to speak freely rights do not stretch out to NurseApex.Com. This Terms of Service oversees the practices and exercises of the individuals. In the event that you decide not to follow the rules agreed during registration, the outcome is disabling your account.

You are not permitted to post derogatory data about an individual, school, teacher, human services office, or substance. Any post which is violative of any law or is intrusive of an individual’s security will be brought down right away.

We promote the possibility of an enthusiastic discussion. This implies you are allowed to differ with anybody on a topic as long as your analysis is productive and affable. Moreover, it would be ideal if you abstain from verbally abusing. This is disruptive, discourteous, and wrecks the string.

Our first priority is to the individuals that have come here due to the flame-free atmosphere we give. There is a zero-tolerance policy here against individual attacks. We won’t endure anybody offending other’s feeling nor ridiculing.

Our call is to be steady, not troublesome. Along these lines, separation, racial denunciation and hostile speculations focusing on individuals of different races, religions as well as nationalities, or sexual direction won’t go on without serious consequences.

Foul Language / Profanity:

Nothing ought to ever be posted here that you would not say before a horde of professionals. The NurseApex.Com staff has the right to alter hostile language.

Information About Others:

No possibly slanderous data about specific schools, educators, or health care facilities/entities ought to be posted in this forum. While it is important to be able to network, everybody ought to be aware of the following:

  • It is a small world when we narrow it down to a state and toss in some close to home information, there is really a possibility somebody may recognize you on the off chance that you are not cautious. Your security is fundamental to us.
  • Kindly don’t give out close to home distinguishing data about yourself or others. Try not to name names where anybody could distinguish any individual in any office including your nursing projects or spot of work.

Advertising / Self Promotion:

Kindly don’t post any messages anyplace on this webpage that is fundamentally for the advancement or publicizing of any site, email address, forum, business, MLM, action, individual web journals, or different entities with which you have an affiliation including non-benefit sites (i.e. no self-advancement).

We don’t permit any type of business publicizing in the notice board post, symbols, marks, or client names. This incorporates using your symbol or mark to link to different sites or limited time messages that are publicizing in nature. If you don’t mind note, this incorporates links to political parties’ sites.

You may not welcome, request or pressure others to join other network sites through posts, email, using NurseApex.Com enrollment list or some other asset inside the NurseApex.Com. We permit linking to other data sites, as long as all things considered for educational purposes and not for self-advancement promotion. Staff individuals may expel or alter joins at their watchfulness.

Copyrighted Material:

No “spreading of Copyrighted Material”: Please don’t transfer, post whatever is copyrighted or authorized without earlier assent of the proprietor. For instance, on the off chance that you need to post content from an online article, don’t post the entire article; post a halfway summation, and afterward a connection to the source.

Kindly don’t ask for or post-test questions, test planning materials, test bank codes, or post connects to, or use this site to send or demand by means of email or pm such material that is secured by copyright. Those posting such test related copyright materials will be banned.

No Spamming or Cross Posting in Multiple Forums

Kindly don’t spam discussions with different posts in various forums. Arbitrators may move to the most suitable zone.

English Only:

While NurseApex.com has members from around the globe, it is situated in the United States and quite a bit of our enrollment is English talking. Because of our powerlessness to direct strings in different dialects, we ask that interactions be in English for the delight in however many notices as could be expected under the circumstances.

Kindly don’t type altogether in capitals as it is viewed as yelling on the Internet. Staff claims all authority to address any issues of length, paragraphing, text dimension, or some other trademark that makes a post hard to peruse.

Craving to look after professional skill, text talk (otherwise called chatspeak, txtspk, messaging language or txt talk) is discouraged. Alongside using legitimate English spelling and accentuation, this shows regard for the proprietor, other announcement board individuals, visitors, and makes it simpler to peruse your message.

Disagreements with Policies or Staff Decisions:

You make a deal to avoid arguing about policies or moderating decisions in the public forums. In the event that you can’t help contradicting any policy or a decision, you may consciously post your remarks in private in the admin. You won’t endeavor to appeal to the site proprietor using posts, surveys, messages, PMs or some other technique found on NurseApex.com

Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability, Consent to Jurisdiction

The disclaimers and limitations of liability in this section apply to the maximum extent allowable under applicable law. Nothing in this section is intended to limit any rights you have which may not be lawfully limited.

Breach of Terms of Service

NurseApex.Com staff claims all authority to edit/remove the posts as well as disable the account of any member who does not agree to these rules or any reason considered fitting by the organization for the security and great of the network.

Request for account removal will involve deletion individual information to secure the protection of the individual however but the member account postings will stay intact due to the idea of the stringing of posts inside the database.

Expectations of the Administrators

Individuals who more than once abuse these standards after given a warning will be reported to the administrator. Just the administrator can make the decision to BAN a publication and all decision from the administrator are FINAL.

You will appreciate a lot of opportunities here, with the capacity to uninhibitedly banter upon various subjects, as long as you stay common and well-mannered to one another.

You are among the most shrewd, amicable, experienced, energetic and vocal nursing notices anyplace on the Internet. You are a piece of a site whose assessments are generally perused by people thinking about nursing, nursing aides, understudies from around the globe. This site is a standout amongst the most very regarded inside the nursing network and is recorded as an asset in nursing distributions and at other nursing related sites. We didn’t get to that status without the expert and respectful commitments of our enrollment. We welcome you to a spot you will before long call home.

Much thanks to You for joining our Nursing Community!

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