According to the American Nurses Association, there will be a higher demand for registered nurses in the United States through the year 2022. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment for RNs will grow at a rate of nearly 18 percent annually, and there will be over 200,000 job openings per year. This means that there will be more opportunities for nurses with a BSN, and nursing schools online will continue to grow in popularity.

Online nursing programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will double by 2022, with nearly half of all licensed RNs holding a BSN. In addition, the number of Hispanics living in the United States has quadrupled since 1980, and only 36% of those immigrants speak fluent English. Because of this, bilingual nurses are needed for quality health care for Hispanics. Nursing programs online are becoming increasingly popular.

RN-to-BSN nursing bridge programs

While many RNs are already licensed to practice, there are now programs for those who want to further their education. Bridge programs accept an associate’s degree and a nursing license to offer a fast track to a BSN or a Master of Science in Nursing. RNs who are looking to advance in their career can take advantage of these programs, which are available on both campus and online.


In the years to come, telehealth and telenursing will continue to increase in importance. It is expected that by 2022, there will be an estimated $250 billion worth of healthcare services being provided remotely. Telehealth services will grow beyond basic care to more advanced chronic-disease management. Today, there are 50.2 million people in the US receiving remote health care services. The aging Baby Boomers will need the services of generation X caregivers, and they will be able to provide these services remotely.

Increasing focus on mental health

Nurses are increasingly suffering from depression, burnout, and anxiety. Workplace cultures, stress, and workplace bullying contribute to the rising rates of these conditions. System-level mental health promotion is needed to address this problem. However, there is much more to mental health promotion than a few new initiatives. The following are some reasons why more focus is needed on nursing’s mental health. And what should the focus be?

Job security for RNs without a BSN

While many employers require their RNs to have a BSN, a lack of this degree will not necessarily limit your career options. Nurses with a BSN have an edge in job security. Employers often seek highly educated nurses due to their more advanced skills and knowledge base. As a result, nurses with BSN degrees are preferred by employers. This fact alone makes the decision to earn a BSN even more important.