Health and Nursing Science is an area that encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Programs can focus on public health administration, clinical research, or producing medical knowledge. German universities offer diverse programs in Health and Nursing Science. Browse through the study finder to learn about programs and find one that suits your preferences. This article highlights a few of the best nursing universities in Germany. In addition to these universities, there are many more that may be of interest to you.

ASH Berlin develops innovative models

The ASH Berlin Institute for Applied Research (ASH Berlin) promotes and supports research-based innovation in nursing institutions by pooling practical competences. The institute also promotes collaborative projects between four public universities of applied sciences in Berlin-Brandenburg and regional partners. The ASH Berlin supports collaborative projects focusing on gender and diversity, early childhood education, and integration and health. It offers the latest developments in research and training and aims to transfer these findings into practice.

The Department of Applied Health Studies (DPH) offers a Bachelor of Nursing Science and a Master of Public Health. The programs are designed to provide a solid foundation for a successful career in health care. In addition, the degree programs align with current developments in nursing and the changing needs of society. The faculty is actively involved in research, development projects, and scientific publications. The nursing and health department is the youngest of the eight originally established departments.

Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Mainz

With a high success rate of graduates with a master’s degree in nursing, the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Mainz may be considered one of the top nursing universities in Germany. This state-recognised university offers courses in Health Care, Social Work, Practical Theology, and Nursing. It is a member of the Gemeinnutzig Gesellschaft zur Forderung von Wissenschaft und Bildung mbH. Graduates from the university are technically and socially responsible experts.

Students may choose to study in the Institute of Applied Research and International Relations (IAR-CAAS) at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. This institute coordinates research activities and fosters interdisciplinary cooperation among its members. Its research areas include health and social issues, case management, and international exchange of specialists. It offers four-year, degree-level courses and is renowned for its high-quality teaching.

ASH Berlin

ASH Berlin is a top-ranked nursing university in Germany with a reputation for excellence. With its emphasis on quality, ASH offers master’s programs in health research, integrated quality management in nursing institutions, preventive capacity development in residential groups of elderly people, health economics/business administration, and health consultation. Students benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to the study of nursing and the vibrant campus life.

The university’s academic calendar consists of two semesters, the winter term and the summer term. These two periods include a teaching period and a non-teaching period, commonly known as a semester break. Students typically spend the latter period doing research or completing practical placements. Exchange students must attend orientation and teaching periods during each semester. ASH Berlin also offers two block weeks for BA Social Work students.


The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is a public university located in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany. The university has eleven faculties and a total of 25 bachelor’s degree programmes, as well as 12 master’s degree programmes. The university focuses on social sciences, health care and management, and has strong programmes in business administration, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and information technology.

The Esslingen nursing school focuses on teaching students how to care for people in need, provide advice on healthy living, and conduct research. The program teaches nursing skills on the hospital floor, and emphasizes concept-oriented training. The University of Applied Sciences is the main venue for tuition, while the University Hospital Tubingen and the Esslingen nursing care institutions are the locations of practical training.

The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has three campuses, including a campus across from the city’s Royal Riding Stables. The architecture is a fusion of neo-classical and futuristic modern. Located on the northern hills of the city, the Esslingen campus affords excellent views of the Neckar Valley. The university has a long history of producing top quality nurses, so students can expect to get the most up-to-date education and a good career in the field.